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Cats With Depression

Cats can get depressed just as us humans. One example of what may trigger feline depression is change. Any change to the cat`s familiar territory, especially if it’s drastic, is potentially distressing for the cat.

Pax had to witness his usual litter box space being changed forever. It was a place of very personal nature for him, of course.

He now has a new space for his litter box, and luckily he has settled with the changes.

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Purrsday Poetry: Miss Fred…

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Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Ellie894 from all my heart sees:

Miss Fred…

Heron and calico

One real and one not

Windows and light

All delight me a lot

Did you know

You encourage my poetry

A thought a day

A chit

And a chat

Time spent with Miss Fred

The small tiny cat

Now what my friend

Do you think about that…


Written and photographed by Ellie894 February 2018

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Introducing Catipilla – Modern Cat Climbing Frames

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Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to introduce you to a new partner of ours Catipilla who we first met on the National Pet Show in November last year.

We spent quite a bit of time at their stall checking out the various ways of installing this inside or outside and loved the fact of it being so modular.

As many of you know our little princess Nubia has only got three legs so while talking to the Catipilla team we were most astonished that their idea came about out of the need to help their elderly cat that like Nubia struggled getting up on high places.

Catipilla’s History:

Catipilla’s idea initially came about as our elderly family cat, Smudge, lost the use of her back legs. She had always jumped up into our ground-floor window to get in and out of home, and when she could no longer do so, we decided to build her a ramp to help.

Over time, we noticed that all of our cats loved playing and being on the frame and so we decided to look into building a more long-lasting climbing frame for them all.

Over the course of 2017, we went through multiple design and testing phases until we launched our range at the National Pet Show in November. We have since gone on to secure orders from 5 countries and have entered into a retail partnership with Pets at Home.

And we do believe that the team behind Catipilla has produced an amazing innovative solution to making the most of vertical wall space. Their climbing frames are wall-mounted and appeal to a cat’s natural tendency to climb and observe from up-on-high. But the best part is that it’s entirely modular, meaning that every design can be tailored and personalised to suit any cat’s environment. Catipilla’s range is made to a high quality specification and from high quality materials. It can be installed both inside and outside which is largely unique for cat frames. Their design has been approved by International Cat Care as being beneficial to cat health and is being used by the RSPCA.

Being modular means that you can of course you can purchase individual pieces to build your own unique cat frame but in addition to this there are 2 primary pre-configured sets which we believe make a great start for your own installation.

Catipilla Pro:

This is the core set for most installations and will provide a great base for building your own unique cat climbing frame either in the house or outside.

The price for the Catipilla Pro set is £139.00 and contains: 2 x 1m Catipilla Pillars and 4 Tread Plates. And even better for those of you in the UK the postage is FREE! International orders are welcome but will incur a postage charge depending on where you are based. And no sadly that’s not Nubia on there! She is currently helping us assess where we can install one safely so her brother’s can’t push her off.

Catipilla Mini:

At 1m tall but only 15cm deep, the Mini makes use of vertical space without intruding on any floor space below. This unit can be used stand-alone, or as a stylish stepping-stone from one area to the next. With a short jump and step, cats can climb up and away to find some well-deserved rest. The Mini is a neat unit that is ideal for those tight spaces.

The price for the Catipilla Minic is £79 and it contains: 1 x 1m Pillar and 2 Tread Plates.  Handy especially for smaller places and in combination with the High Plate & Hammock (available separately for £89!

The team behind the brand!

So by now you all are probably wondering who is behind all of this right?

On the left we have Andy Sutton and on the right we’ve got Joseph Sutton who founded Catipilla together.

Our overall verdict?

An amazing innovative product that will help transform any place in a cat friendly 3-Dimensional space! If you’ve been to as many cat cafes as ourselves you may have wanted to create wall climbers of your own already but you always struggled with the whole idea of cutting shelves and fitting them onto the wall while ensuring it’s all created in a way that your cats will have fun / make it easier to get to a place higher up? This is exactly where the Catipilla sets come in handy as it takes away the annoyance of having to build your own ledges and comes with easy installation instructions. Also comparing it to some of the wooden pre-made frames out there their product is an excellent value for money choice!



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Chat Room (french for cat) cartoons

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“Lou, You’re just upset that Fluffy jilted you for a DOG!!!”

“Well Max, I just hope he eats her FOOD!!!”

Cartoon by Purrsanthema


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A Special Visit to Goathouse Cat Refuge

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When we started The Neighbor’s Cat, our goal was to visit and review every cat cafe on the planet.  We wanted to promote ‘cat travel’ and shine a light on these small businesses making the world a better place for cats and people everywhere!

It’s still our main focus, but over the course of the past year, we have found ourselves evolving into vocal advocates for cat rescue and adoption, especially the cat cafes that feature adoptable felines.

So while The Goathouse Refuge isn’t technically a cat cafe, it is doing amazing work caring for kitties waiting for a forever home and we want to promote this worthy cause!

Located in rural Pittsboro, NC, USA, The Goathouse Cat Refuge is approximately 45 minutes drive from the nearby cities of Greensboro and Raleigh.  According to the website, they are a ‘501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found’.

I had heard of Goathouse Refuge before, as the founder, Siglinda Scarpa was featured in a New York Times article and on The Today Show.  She is deeply committed to improving the lives of cats and has created an incredibly special space to house her furry charges.

When I found out how close the sanctuary was to my partner’s family home in nearby Sanford, I made plans to visit on a Friday afternoon in early March with family member, Peg.

The refuge is set back a few miles off the main road, but is easily found in the maps function of any smart phone.  After parking, we entered a big gate and followed a gravel path surrounded by peaceful scenes of budding trees and grazing goats.  A black kitty appeared and walked alongside us as we neared the main building, our own personal escort!

Inside the main building, there is a sanitizing station and bulletin boards featuring the cats available for adoption.

After a quick glance, we stepped inside a surprisingly large room with colorful walls, tall ceilings and cats.

Lots and lots of cats!

It’s difficult to describe how I felt when I first walked in, as there were so many cute cats that I wanted to squeal with joy, but so many sweet babies wanted to be petted that I was also a bit heartbroken.

Peg and I spent a great deal of time offering gentle head rubs and sweet words to all those that gathered around us. Compared to the residents of cat cafes, these felines were definitely more affection seeking.

There appeared to be over 100 cats in this area, many having an afternoon snooze.  They were free to move about the room as they wished, and except for a few in cages due to illness, most of the kitties appeared to be healthy.  With that much catitude in one room, a couple of small tiffs broke out between some feisty felines, but overall, things were fairly calm and quiet.

I was impressed at how clean things were, a testament to the dedication of the volunteers that assist at the refuge.  While walking around, I met Helen, who was busy preparing a few kitties for adoption pick up, but generously took the time to help answer my questions.  Thanks Helen!

Later, as we checked out the back room, I noticed several cat flaps leading to the outdoors.

It was a whole new world, with even more kitties!

There were many gorgeous felines roaming the outdoor, yet fenced-in area.  Several followed us around, accepting head rubs and ear scratches when we bent over to offer them.

I was thrilled to see this expansive area custom-built for cats.  It provides them a space to get away from people and other cats,  as well as express their natural cat behavior such as hunting and scratching, all in a safe environment.  And on this particular day, the weather was perfect for being outside!


With all this cuteness, I was smitten at every turn, but there was one cat that completely stole my heart, and her name is Coconut.

With her fluffy tail and soft fur, this adorable girl caught my attention as she followed me around while I snapped photos of the outdoor cattery.  So, we hung out and played for awhile.

After we left, I couldn’t get her off my mind.  Even though I’ve grown accustomed to feelings of sadness over not being able to adopt my own cat (as I’m currently traveling full-time), I really wanted to do something for this sweet kitty.

So, as a birthday present to me the following week, my partner sponsored her!

If you are in North Carolina and reading this, please consider adopting Coconut.  I would be eternally grateful and I know you won’t be disappointed!  Click here for the link to her page.

Even if you aren’t from North Carolina, consider a visit or donation to support these fine folks and felines.

We are off to Asia for a six week cat cafe tour of Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.  But with family nearby, we definitely plan on returning to this amazing place in the summer.

In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about my sweet Coconut.

The Neighbor’s Cat is a comprehensive global cat cafe resource with first-hand reviews, interesting articles and an extensive photo gallery of the cutest cats on the planet.  On a quest to visit every cat cafe (137 in 23 countries so far) in the world, The Neighbor’s Cat can help you find the perfect cafe to complement your travels.

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